2nd July 2022 07:52:11 AM

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Google to launch new search engine

Google recently released a version of the search engine company's newest capable website or blog Search everyone. Google Custom Search Engine allows users to choose the site Search

In addition, users can also change the interface appearance results , web page content , or more advertising priority in search results .

Organizations use this search tool , which has sites in climate research as RealClimate.org , to search for sub sites of scientific significance associated with it .

Dr. Gavin Schmidt , construction experts in climate models Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Research in New York (USA ) and is also a member of the organization , said : " Web page RealClimate.org always try give readers ideas have high credibility of the experts in the field of research on climate change . "

However , because content on the subject has been moved towards the politicization of the quality of information on this website has many variables .

Search engine option on the organization's website only search the website contain information has been the meteorologist careful research purposes only and provided " reliable information and rigid " .

Dr. Schmidt said : "Hopefully , this site will provide users with good quality information more quickly , and not having the hassle that often happens now ."

Users often use tools to access the site on google " Synthesis " , where users can find a list of web series and start looking .

Search engines can be calibrated to the entire site , but focus on a selected number of sites or just looking for a certain pages .

Besides , people also can use search engine options to create search engine focused on individual sites .

In addition, users can decide whether to use the program to create Google Adsense ads from the search words . The advertisers pay Google every time someone clicks on the ad they . In contrast , users who use Adsense on search engine option also received an " account " small forward in return for google .

Organizations , such as RealClimate.org , do not use Adsense . Search engines are not exactly mention the total amount that people receive the payment . However , users will not get the money from google on earnings if less than 10 dollars.

Marissa Mayer , vice president in charge of search products and user experience of Google , said : " The company wants people find it easy to create a personal search engine for your topic related center "

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