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10 golden rules before starting a business

Besides having a great idea , figure out what you need to do before starting a business .
Invite you to track all " 10 golden rules before starting a business " presented by Kim Quy .
1 . Detailed investigation of business
When you start doing business , the first thing is to find out what the most popular industry for style and your talent . The industry " hot" to start a business is now digital ( like mobile applications ) , health ( production energy drinks ) , luxury ( jewelry accessories ) ...
Chat with lawyers , advisers and experts . Besides, the internet is the effective tool for finding information globally . Also, if required , to enroll the class of business, marketing , sales and proposed his idea to do a group project for all to preliminary plans . Through classes , you can also conduct market research at no cost .
2 . Evaluate the level of competition
Visit the shop selling the same industry or product . For example , if you want to open a restaurant , make a list of restaurants in your area to do business , look at menus , prices and detailed accessories such as garages, bar .
Next , make sure that their customers like? As teenagers , students , company employees , or the family ?
Besides, you try to eat , the website , read articles about the cave , and through extensive links on the website to find information providers and customers " gut " their .
Your goal is to find out what competitors are doing in order to do better than that .
3 . Look whos
Can you popped business idea while chatting with friends , or dinner . These ideas may inadvertently be interesting promising . But for a business career , you need more than that . Must have a plan .
Another issue to consider is the ability to personal finance . Be aware you have to ability to pay it.
4 . To calculate many financial
You can invest in your own company ? Or do you need a small investment from the others? You can make the family members or friends as investors ? Or you please help of venture capital funds ? Finance is the brain hammer question for any business does . And you need to understand how to raise capital .
To withdraw money from investors , you have to have great ideas and knows how to convince people to turn that idea into a profitable business case .
When starting a small business establishment , you can ask yourself and little capital savings of family and friends . But while developing , you need a certain capital , capital . So , right from the first minute , seek venture investors and perfected its business plan to convince investors succeed .
5 . Impressive building ideas
Adrienne Simpson Smooth Mooove established after cleaning, mom . She simply thought put into barrels and all carried away , but her mother ordered this one taken, and this is always toss , this one retains others ...
So she came the idea to establish a new company moving services for the elderly . The company also packages supplementary services like packaging , cleaning the house , preparing rooms , real estate broker , charitable donation ...
But this seems not enough , because the company's business has leveled off . Simpson said : " I know how to run a company exists , but does not know how to build the foundation first ." So you have to extend the service from A to Z. Staff inclusive company everything .
Transfer the finished, hang clothes in wardrobe, bed sheets , buy a fridge full of food reserves for homeowners ... new customers entering the Lakes Golf as entering the hotel .
6 . Search advisor
You need feedback from many people in many issues , from business strategy , build networks , to balance family life and work . When looking for business consultants , you must determine the qualities you need priority .
Lois Zachary , president of Leadership Support Services suggests you should have a list of requirements . The consultant should listen ? There are wide ties ? Specializing in marketing ? If you are extremely lucky , you can find those people satisfied all his requirements outlined . But if not , you also have to understand that we need to have priorities .
After that , it should be clearly distinguished : those qualities of talent or mentor that you want ? What about quality or talent that you really need ? Advises businesses may be relatives , friends , former colleagues and even rivals can not compete directly .
7 . Select the name
Name the stages of business is very important . The name existed long beautiful and meaningful honor and value characteristics of the business.
If you ran around with a list of names and asked for opinions beautiful acquaintance would ever become distracted . The company specializes in corporate naming a few suggestions for you : pay attention to corporate culture , unique points of business messages need to be conveyed to customers .
He Phillip Davis , the founder of a company named enterprise customers the first question asked is : " Do you want to stand out or blend in? " That question seems redundant , because it seems everyone wants to stand out ? But Davis revealed that a number of businesses , industries such as financial services , should not stand out that need long- term credibility .
But it is true that most businesses are always in need of striking appearance and impression .
8 . Grabbing marketing strategy
The business owner does not need to be marketing experts . But if you want to build an idea into a company , they must know little more about marketing strategy products and services .
Newly established businesses need to think about first: Do your customers eyeing . And by making the questionnaire , questionnaire , you will initially attract attention to their business .
One other way is marketing synergies with other businesses (eg water bakery and restaurant in the same mall floor ) to stimulate customer interest in , and benefit both parties .
An important factor in the new era of marketing is to build through social networking sites like Facebook , Tweeter . Research on optimization of online search engines to attract and highlight your website .
9 . Check carefully before execution
Are you sure your breakthrough idea ? You guarantee how much success ? The best way to test the ability of the idea that you have to try to sell people , introduce products and services that wide . Making surveys , evaluation forms , and send to the group of potential customers .
To understand their customers , from step " favorite " to step " money spent " very long . Such rates are not reasonable ? Potential customers often say about the product ? They praised the public nature ? They need to improve like?
The answer to these questions can help you develop the idea more closely with reality .
10 . Begin your search for future talent
Still early , but do not forget the established business then one day it will grow. Although currently not enough money to hire people , but also do not forget to search for suitable talent for future business .