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Tactical marketing on social networks

Under the current development trend of online tools , social networking is no longer an option for many , but has become an indispensable element of sales , marketing and brand building .
social - media - marketing
Nielsen's survey results show that 79 % large corporations are increasing investment in social networks ( MXH ) to the center of the crowd , creating relationships , connecting consumers , clients ' trust accounts , improve product quality , increase brand awareness lasting ...
The great thing is MXH entrepreneurs need not only long experience to understand a few basic principles . MXH is two-way street . Businesses do not advertise products that dialogue unilateral and multilateral links . Online communities are " allergic " to plot unsettled on MXH buyers . They just want to listen and share useful information .
So , now let's provide excellent care , gifts , coupons ... to gradually build trust and long term relationships . If so , a new virtual consumers into customers and introduce true for many other potential customers .
To succeed on MXH , businesses can actively creative , but do not forget that the core element analysis and behavioral objectives of our customers , to convey the message effectively and most interesting . Here are some specific examples :
1 . Increasing brand awareness by sponsoring an online contest or game . Fashion designer shoes famous by Naughty Monkey capital sleek and good quality . But the brand has expanded rapidly hitting . Consulting firm Wpromote hints contest " Naughty Monkey shoes were where? " . Attendees will send my pictures to travel everywhere by Naughty Monkey shoes and voted most favorite photos . The winner received Naughty Monkey shoes a year for free . The result is a brand known worldwide with thousands of new fans on Facebook .
2 . Attracting attention and connecting with free gifts . Everyone likes free . Company ScanDigital has attracted customers by newsletter to find different games between the two . Who answers the most accurate and earliest received $ 25 gift certificates . With such tactics , ScanDigital attract the attention of fans on Facebook busiest ever .
3 . Empowering contribute to increased loyalty . Vitamin Water contest for Facebook fans suggested the idea of ​​packaging and new product name . More than a million participants . Actress and singer star idol video recording fanfare . As a result, when an official appearance at the store , new product named Connect available on millions of potential customers .
4 . To organize meaningful activities to spread pure society names . Toms Shoes notices : buy a pair of shoes is also donate a pair to needy children . Typically , buy a book or a new outfit , you rarely brought widespread breeze . But if it involves activities meant for charity , you are willing to share . As a result of clients and potential clients of Toms soared .
What if all chains of products customers , why ? Damage control in any way ? To calculate marketing message carefully ! ... In fact, although you or not , brand promotion activities on MXH ongoing aggressive . Do not sit on the sidelines looking cars around. Take a plunge into the game. MXH not too complicated . It's just a place to share and connect , is the mirror that reflects the real world .