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Brand Positioning Strategy

Brand positioning is captured "image " in the minds of customers . Appropriate positioning strategy will create value and differentiation are etched in the minds of customers . Brand positioning creates brand stand compared to the competition in the industry. Locate help guide the marketing , communications and brand strategy .
When determining the market approach , the next step is to find ways to attract customers to the brand .
Here are 9 positioning strategy you can apply
1 . Positioning based on quality
The perception of quality is one of the important factors of the brand and can be combined with one of the following ways .
Quality or perceived quality comes from feelings of consumers. When you gain the trust of customers in terms of quality , you will reap success at branding . According to Al Reis and Laura Reis , the best way to confirm the quality of the narrow positioning of the product or brand . When that product or brand will bring more specificity is generic , and brand -specific products will be said to have " higher quality " trade descriptions of nature in general .
Another way to create a sense of quality is the high price for the product , the brand . Most consumers believe that they have the ability to distinguish between product quality , but in reality things are not as they thought .
Believe it or not , high prices are a boon for some customers . It allows the rich to satisfy customers preferences and buying habits luxury products . Of course , the product or service should make a difference to show his class .
2 . Positioning based on values
Despite the time when the product is said to have a value of " good " are equated with cheap , this perception has changed today . More valuable brand was born . Southwest Airlines is a great example of a brand that can offer both cheap price but still maintain a strong brand image . In fact most of the other major airlines followed Southwest introduction of cheap flights under the new brand or brand is linked .
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3 . Positioning based on features
The method uses the product features and services to make a difference for a lot of brand marketers use . The advantage of this method is the message given very specific , clear and easy to gain the trust of the customer making the actual product specifications . However, based on the positioning features will easily take action if opponents launched the new product functionality and advantages over Vietnam .
4 . Positioning is based on the relationship
One of the effective ways to attract the attention of consumers for creating brand positioning messages have resonance with consumers . For example, the shoe brand Sketchers ( sneakers ) created for people with a sense of excitement. Brand Apple computer , while losing market share , began calling for the liberation of their use from the PC ( personal computer ) and to " Think different." The brand has positioned based on the customer , not based on the products they offer .
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5 . Positioning based on desire
It is the customer 's call to the place they want , they become human love or achieve a state of mind they desire .
6 . Positioning is based on the problem / solution
As the name implies , this positioning strategy for customer issues that cause them headaches will soon be solved when using the product or service. For example, frozen meat will reduce the processing time to just a few minutes compared with conventional meat . The company offers the washing powder and detergents often used in strategic positioning .
7 . Positioning based on opponents
This strategy helps brand positioning based on these factors were compared between its competitors with directly. Therefore, this idea is more to being redundant but many campaign has employed this strategy . The regular laundry detergent brands against each other to prove that they have the best power washing .
8 . Positioning based on emotions
Underlying demand is consumer shopping and emotional factors . Therefore , many marketers attacks on our emotions . According to author Lynn Upshaw in the book " Building Brand Identity : A Strategy for Success in a Hostile Marketplace " ( roughly translated : Building brand image incense : strategies for success in the competitive market ) , the customer experience How about brand recognition is usually derived from the needs or wishes , or in other words to measure the emotional factors or psychological positioning will be very effective .
9 . Positioning is based on the use
Some brand positioning based on what they bring to their customers . Discover credit card company put its positioning message is " It Pays to Discover " temporarily out is to use the card and get the money back . Discover is one of the companies that provide services for the first credit card allows users to enjoy the financial benefits of using the card .