29th November 2022 07:32:11 AM

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Kaspersky Vietnamese version released

On 16/7 version of Kaspersky Virus Removal Vietnamese Lap officially launched Vietnam users with prices ranging from 290,000 VND per year .

According provider Nam Truong Son ( NTS Group) , the functional version of Kaspersky 2009 Vietnamese interface not unlike the English version . However, the entire interface of Kaspersky products have been Vietnamese for convenience and ease of understanding with Vietnam .

Kaspersky Vietnamese can quickly understand the level of computer security with the announcement by the Vietnamese . Users also not afraid because no data deletion notification understand what Kaspersky as the English version .

In this new version , the integrated Kaspersky Lap bilingual Vietnamese - English , helping users to switch back and forth between two languages ​​without having to reinstall the English version . Just open up Kaspersky Vietnamese and press Shift + F12 to switch to the English version . If you want to move backwards through the Vietnamese , just click Shifl + F5 .

To install Kaspersky 2009 Vietnamese can download and install this new version overwrite the older version without having to uninstall . Where users are using Kaspersky version 7 and 2009 ( version ) and earlier should remove the old version and then install into Vietnamese versions .

Where are downloaded and installed , if not display Vietnamese correctly, faulty place , is due to Windows system is set up at the Regional and Language mode English font support . This error only occurs during the installation process . Once installed, the software will display a normal Vietnamese .

Kaspersky launches Lap 's Vietnamese , gave copyright NTS Group 6 Months Kaspersky Anti - Virus 2009 for the first 100,000 people who download the new version within 30 days of 16/7 .