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Your customers will find keywords on google?

"Make sure Google users find your website within the first results page" Internet creates many new business opportunities. However, in Vietnam, this form of marketing has yet to develop its true potential. We have nearly 25 million users (nearly 30% of the population) and the time that users are using the Internet ahead of time watching TV and reading the newspaper, but the investment budget for online marketing of our only 1-2% compared with traditional marketing

I. Introduction google ad services

Google ads is a general term for promoting your website on the Google search page when internet users search for a particular keyword . Google Ads are divided into 2 main categories as follows :

1 ) The site is located at advertisements in search results page ( Google Adwords Ad )

Google Adwords advertising service operators perform advertising on google search engine and website link in the system . With google ads , you can create an ad fast , simple, and this ad will be displayed for those who are looking for information related to your field of business .

Google ads is the only channel of communication to advertise to the right of your potential customers . Unlike traditional advertising media or other online , Google users will actively seek what they want . Your ads will only appear when someone is looking for you product , at the right time that users are eager to get the information they need . Therefore, this is the true form and effectively targeting the right audience .

Benefits of Google Adwords Advertising :

- Target the right customers

- Low cost high efficiency

- Display the first page

- Ability to accurately measure

- Ability to change advertising messages quickly

- Budget is managed better ...

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