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Google history and SEO


Google not only cache, cookies log in SEOER computer when they click on the keywords need to increase CTR Seo behavior but also save your History on Google, which explains why you suddenly need to find keywords Seo his climb to the top 1 very fast and does not believe his eyes again, then deleted the cache, clear cookies machine ... results still appear very high, but when using another computer at another location using the check tool to see results to be bad

The fact you have been saved on the server of Google History . Days before you need to click on the Custom search function is disabled to shut Google out first but current policy is clearer Policy History Google and they sywr recommends you use Google account to log in and turn off or turn on the History .

For many people the power on or off did nothing xi magnesium , many people are afraid of Google store your personal information for the following damage should also turn off , but the truth is still the best off History ... People need SEO because we should be transparent as much as possible for SEO results are most accurate when checked . However Disabled Custom search operations still need to check the results using the cache feature for Google's Google account which is no need clients Logged Google History should not completely all .

Google users have recently received a notice that Google will change the security policy in March next . Among the things Google is about to apply , have a policy that we should be aware that the Internet tycoon will use your Web history on all their services . If you do not want your privacy rights have been violated , please delete the Web History as soon as possible . Guidelines below will help you do this .

By default , if you log into your Google account and use its search engine , all actions are recorded and stored on Google's secure servers History.

To delete all of your information , your first visit address :


Then log in with a Google account you want to delete .

Remove all Web History Press .

Next, you will confirm whether you really want to delete the entire Web History or not . Click OK to finish .