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WordPress website design

Website design WordPress is one of the quality website design services with the best cost for customers.

WordPress is inherently the most popular and popular open source today, supporting the quality website platform for users. You can design your own WordPress website easily, but it takes a long process to research and improve. Besides, there are many features that are difficult to integrate if not implemented by professional programmers.

With the professional knowledge and skill of the Mona Media programmer, we offer more professional Wordpress website design services. Just choose the theme you like and give us the features you request, Mona will complete the rest and help you own the best website.

Before the need for a cheap but quality website, choosing WordPress website design at Mona Media is the best decision.

In general, the market of website designing services is now gradually stabilizing, and low-quality companies gradually leave the market because they cannot compete in this harsh field. But the cheap web design services are still plentiful, mostly a group of students or individuals with a little experience of "launching" right on the internet to launch this service.

Try accessing Google and typing the word "cheap web design" and there countless results, if you watch for just under 1 million to have a website promoting the brand. No or no deep understanding of the problem but its consequences are unpredictable.

Vietnam e-commerce is growing, there are many people, especially individuals who want to build a website simply selling some products that they have good sources of goods or a company trading in the field of goods. popular, a phone shop, fashion ... setting up a website to promote products, services and brands is essential.

For small businesses and start-ups, saving money to build a website, they often choose web design companies with only a few million to implement.

But the old grandparents have the saying "what you pay for" always true in a certain aspect of web design services because when owning a cheap website make sure that this service provider must simplified features, using the available web interface, no professional design, in exchange for products that are definitely not quality.

We have built and redesigned the online sales website for a number of customers who find themselves in the wrong service and then affect both the reputation of the seller and the website brand in the long run. Anh Minh, the owner of a small fashion shop (One of our customers) shared, "after I saved up using a cheap website design service (It's not convenient to name here).

I felt the services I received, the website couldn't be seo, the features were limited, it didn't work well, and even though I knew it was time to start over and lose the search rankings, I decided to look for Find a new partner to plan your sales plan. "

Not difficult in order management, payment gateways, customer support. Redesigning your website takes a lot of time from the sellers and most importantly after redesigning the website almost the URLs no longer exist means that the website ranking on the search results for the number "zero". "and dropped tragically.

Currently, for businesses who are aware of the importance of the website, it is advisable to spend the cost of "rice bowl money" to make a quality website that meets business requirements. do. The website is not only the face of the business, distant customers cannot come to the company and the web is a place to increase the trust of customers in the business, where customers introduce themselves, show their class and make a difference with competitors in the same field.

Try to do a simple calculation, for a website cost only 1 million to get the right view. A true website to function effectively not in good source code, support for many features, but the interface must be implemented by a professional design department.

A good designer with a salary of no less than 7 million / month and about 2.3 days to create a true interface template, on average, in 22 days a month, they can make about 7 skins, the maximum equivalent to 1 The web interface is about 1 million dong, if a website calculates a fee for technical staff and customer support staff, a company can create a website that can not be less than 5 million dong.

Excluding websites that are too complex, it takes some time to code more features for the website. So what is the problem of cheap web design companies, is to "stereotype" the available interface templates then edit through the speakers and upload them to the internet.

1- Register the domain name

-The first step in starting to design a website, which is also the most important step is the domain name. Domain name (or Domain name) can be understood as the name of your website it is used to replace a long and difficult to remember IP address eg 126.99.102 on the Internet to change it into an easier-to-know vatgia name. In addition, depending on the purpose of different web use, the domain name will be different eg; ; … .Please note that your domain name must be unique, unique, important to impress customers and communicate your brand as well as meet the memorable criteria for convenience for customers to use. use and search.

To start a business, any website needs a clear domain name. And usually domain registration will cost you a quarterly, annual or few year fee.
2- Choose the right hosting:

In a nutshell, hosting is the web hosting place to sell your goods online! Often we will need to buy hosting from the domain name provider network. In the era of cloud computing, choosing the right hosting service, running well and, importantly, meeting the needs of the website is an important factor. The decision affects the ability to download the web. We can refer to the following three basic types:

If you need it, you can use shared hosting.

Demand is moderate, you can use VPS hosting.

Great demand, can use Dedicated server.

If you feel that you still have not enough money to pay, you can sign up for a hosting plan, but this is only suitable if you want to try it because when using free hosting, it is fast. Access to your website will be very slow and restricted audience access, causing great inconvenience especially sales websites.

So, with the right hosting option will help you save costs and maximum time in website design.

3- Create links to social networking sites

According to current statistical surveys, up to 20% of online purchasing decisions are made when people are browsing social media. Because of a number of reasons such as crowd effect, users tend to get a majority opinion.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal marketing places, if not the fastest. Moreover, with the useful features of today's social networks, social media accounts provide a great opportunity to improve yourself from customer comments, suggestions, finding new customers, gender. Introduce customers the latest products or a few promotional campaigns, product campaigns from your store anymore! Imagine when you are comfortable with social media, you find an item that catches your eye, then the probability of you searching that web with the item will be very great. . Therefore, the connection with social networks is increasingly considered an extremely important task.

Moreover, as mentioned above, when you link to social networks, you are trying to give customers the best experience from shortening the time to log in and register to the web. These are three basic tutorial steps and also the most essential to making a sales web. Hopefully, after this article, you will understand the web job in general as well as the sales web in particular.

Good luck!

Using the most advanced website design technologies today such as HTML5, CSS3 and dynamic, experienced design and programming staff.

- The online sales websites are designed according to the latest trends because we always capture and update market trends to not only make the website beautiful and user-friendly, but also meet the Require customers' own design and convenience in the process of upgrading new features.

Advanced technology

Cheap website design service of Tam Nguyen integrates the most advanced design and programming technologies today.

- Ensuring the optimization of SEO standards for cheap web site design, helps display and rank well on search engines, especially Google.

Good website design

When designing website at Viet SEO Vietnam, customers will get peace of mind with the following criteria:
Beautiful web design smooth effect
Website is standard SEO code supporting structured data, AMP mobile Google
Customers choose CMS code (WordPress, Magento) or Framework (Zend, Lavarel, Codeigniter)
Fast website speed is optimized code.
Easy to manage and user friendly.
Interface designed exclusively.
Design in accordance with the brand and industry.
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